What we do

Dedicated to superior customer service

As a full service General Contractor and Construction Services Provider, Boen Kemp Construction offers a full range of services from estimating and budgeting to assisting our clients with any post construction issues that may need to be addressed.

Our team is highly talented and brings you significant experience and expertise. We will develop project schedules that are detailed, realistic, and aligned with your needs. You can count on our team to evaluate materials and plans during every phase of the construction process and to provide guidance that maximizes your investments and completes the project within your budget.

Real Estate




Boen Kemp is the complete package.

Each member of our team brings something unique to the table that makes us greater as a whole, including but not limited to: Real Estate, Brokerage, Development, and Construction.

Our Process

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    • ✓ Estimating and budgeting
    • ✓ Subcontractor selection
    • ✓ Pre-construction coordination
    • ✓ Detailed scheduling and alignment
    • ✓ Bid package development
    • ✓ Supplier selection

Pre Construction

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    • ✓ Subcontractor selection and management
    • ✓ On-site project management and supervision
    • ✓ Scheduled reporting on project status and updates


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    • ✓ Services project contract warranty
    •  ✓ Scheduled maintenance
    • ✓ Unscheduled maintenance

Post Construction